We are Wobotron Services

Wobotron services limited is an indigenous process driven company that provides engineering, procurement, construction and installation in the oil and gas sector of the Nigerian economy. Our business is driven by 5 yearly strategy periods, where we consolidate our position in the Nigerian Oil and gas industry by investing in the acquisition of innovative equipment and specialist skill set.

In order to build local capacity and encourage innovation, we fully support local content initiatives/laws of the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Together with our strategic technical partners and using state of art technologies we are actively engaged in profering solutions that meets and exceed client’s expectation.

Our Values

Integrity, Safety Consciousness, Accountability, Local Content Advancement

Our Strategic Objective

To inspire change and improve productivity by living the values of WSL through operational excellence

Visionary Statement

To be the preferred Nigerian oil and gas service company providing timely and quality services safely to the energy and process industry in Sub-Saharan Africa through living our values.


Through operational excellence We always exceed client’s expectations

Instrumentation Support
and Services

We provide a modern and holistic approach to solving and supporting our clients Instrumentation Engineering and Field Problems. We have extensive owner experience, providing and resolving complex issues on demand to meet our customers' needs and schedules. We cover a wide range of instrumentation services such as the installation and calibration of:
1. Control & Safety Valves (PRV, PSV, MOV)
2. Pressure, Temperature, Flow, and Level Installations
3. Fire & Gas Instrumentation & System
4. Analyzers & Sample Systems
5. Complete Temperature and Strain Gauge Wireless Systems for vessel and piping health monitoring and analysis
6. Custody Meter & Leak Detection
7. Vibration & Corrosion Equipment


Inspection and Quality Assurance Services

We believe the best way to support your inspection is to be on-site when you do them. We can assist you with performing inspection services or providing consultation on best NDT practices. NDT includes a number of inspection techniques for quality control such as measuring or detecting material thickness, cracks, welding examination, ultrasonic examination, inclusions & porosity, internal corrosion and damage. Without having to disassemble the object or damage the material in order to be able to determine the material errors. Our range of inspection services covers:
1. Carbon Steel Weld Inspection
2. Corrosion and Thickness Measurement
3. Inspection of Austenitic and Dissimilar Metal Piping Welds
4. Pressure vessels Weld Inspection
5. Non destructive tests (hardness, X-rays, Magnetic, Penetrant, Ultrasonic, eddy current)


Electrical Support
and Services

We provide guidance and evaluations of electrical systems to improve their online operations, redundancy, and reliability and to meet Code requirements. We have contemporary and comprehensive methods to troubleshoot and implement solutions to our clients’ electrical engineering and field problems. We cover a wide range of Electrical services such as installation, testing and commissioning of:
1. High, Medium, and Low Voltage Applications
2. Power Distribution Systems
3. Transformers, Motors and Generators
4. Grounding Systems
5. Arc Flash Equipment
6. Switchgear and Motor Control Centers
7. Protective Relay Systems and Equipment
8. Variable Frequency Drive Systems
9. Uninterruptible Power Supplies/Systems


Equipment Lease, Rentals
and Supplies

We are “one-stop shop” for all your equipment supply and consulting needs. We provide expertise in all areas of:
1. Supply and management of Crane
2. Heavy Lift and Heavy Haul transport (low-bed trailers)
3. Air compressors
4. Welding machines and expendables
5. Valves, pumps, generators etc.
6. Light Fleet Vehicles


Fire Fighting Systems

We provide a complete fire engineering solution package ranging from initial risk assessment through to preliminary and detailed engineering, procurement, commissioning and servicing
Our services are:
Automatic Water Based Fire Suppression Systems:
Sprinkler Systems, Deluge Systems, Pre‐Action Sprinkler Systems, Water Supplies, Medium Velocity, Water Spray, High Velocity Water Spray, Water Mist Systems, Emulsifier Systems, Foam System, Foam Generators, Foam Pourers, Foam Base Injection, Systems
Manual Suppression and Detection Systems:
Valves Water Monitors, Hose Reels Foam/Water Monitors, Hydrants Hand Held Extinguishers, Dry & Wet Risers Manual Call Point Systems
Automatic Gas Based Fire Suppression Systems:
Chemical Gases: FM200 (HFC‐227ea), FE13 (HFC‐23), Novec 1230, Inert Gases: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen (IG‐100), Argon (IG‐01), Argonite (IG‐55), Inergen (IG‐541)


Manpower Support

We cover all your skilled and unskilled manpower needs during life cycle of the project. We can provide manpower capabilities as follows:
1. Craft labor (mechanics, pipe fitters, technicians etc)
2. Specialized welders on several materials (Stainless steel, Aluminium, Inconel 617, Hastelloy x, Fsx 414, Stellite 6)
3. Project managements (Project managers, coordinators, planners etc.)
4. Experienced Engineers



Years of experience


Satisfied Clients


Completed Projects



Nobody gets hurt, no equipment gets damaged, environment is not impacted negatively


Exhibit the highest ethical and moral standards Develop competency and leadership Follow written procedure for high risk and unusual situations

Productivity and Growth

Deliver projects as planned, on budget, and without organizational disruption


To effect change to local/host communities where we operate and the country at large by constructively engaging the people meaningfully

Customer Satisfaction

Develop new and grow existing customer relationships, be recognized as a top performer with our clients. Demonstrate capacity to adjust to the dynamics of the energy market to meet and exceed client's expectation


Wobotron Services limited, an oil & gas service company which offers Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation is committed to:

Satisfying customer, statutory and applicable legal and
other requirements

Pursuing continual improvement of the QHSE management system in order to enhance WSL QHSE performance

Effective management of identified Occupational Health and Safety and environmental related risks throughout our operations

Preserving the environment through the use of appropriate pollution prevention efforts and ensuring work safety at all WSL work stations through safe work practices.

Ensuring adequate and effective engagement of all stakeholders on QHSE matters in order to improve our performance


If we compromise our standards and integrity for self-aggrandizement or corporate gain, then we are not enlightened in our existence